From waste to resource: feasibility of 4 valorisation chains

The aim of Horti-BlueC is illustrating the feasibility of processing the waste streams into added value products, i.e., into feedstocks for sustainable growing media, not only technically but also and mainly from the organizational point of view. We work on 4 value chains (VCs):

  • CO2 recycling and conversion of biomass into biochar and heat through large scale gasification (VC 1)
  • Conversion of shellfish waste into chitin (VC 2)
  • Direct reuse of spent growing media or processing into biochar or compost (VC 3)
  • Fibers for bulk replacement in growing media for tomato and strawberry (VC 4)

Each chain starts from residual material which is being processed into a valuable product.

To study the feasibility of each of the valorisation chains, a SWOT analysis was performed for the new solutions suggested by the project versus a baseline scenario which describes the current situation.

Download the factsheets with SWOT analyses here:

Online Platform

Horti-BlueC is setting up a functional online platform supporting the shellfish and horticultural target groups for a more circular economy implementing the 4 valorization chains. Currently, Horti-BlueC has developed two tools for this online platform, a decision tool and a mapping tool.

Want to learn more about the valorisation chains?

Horti-BlueC organised a webinar for each of the valorisations chains. Rewatch the recordings now!

Watch video on YouTube
Watch video on YouTube
Watch video on YouTube

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