Activity | Project news Succesful first two Horti-BlueC webinars and good news about the upscaling of biochar production!

27/05/2021 Source: webinar 1

The first two Horti-BlueC webinars were a success. More than 50 people followed the first webinar and more than 60 attended the second webinar! Horti-BlueC would like to thank all those who showed interest in the webinars and valorization chains.

And Horti-BlueC has other good news! This week, ECN>TNO succesfully managed the further upscaling of the gasification process, with 1600L biochar produced in a 100h continuous test.

Webinar recordings

The webinar recordings are available on the Horti-BlueC YouTube channel.


Valuable feedback was already received from many of the webinar participants!

Nevertheless, Horti-BlueC is still hoping to get your opinion on the proposed valorisation chains. With these questionnaires, Horti-BlueC attempts to map the opportunities and remaining questions.

By participating in this survey, you are helping the Horti-BueC project to move forward and have an impact on a sustainable future!

Two new video's were published on the Horti-BlueC Youtube channel.

Watch video on YouTube
Watch video on YouTube

Third Horti-BlueC webinar

It's not too late yet! Registration for the third webinar is still open until June 4th.

In this webinar you will learn more about recycling of spent growing media. Spent growing media can be directly reused or can be processed into biochar or compost.

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