Study day Horti-BlueC webinar 4: New growing media blends for strawberry and tomato

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From waste to resource: Interreg 2 Seas Horti-BlueC organises 4 webinars on the valorisation of 5 local byproducts into building blocks for more sustainable growing media in horticulture.

How feasible are those valorisation chains, both technically, economically and logistically? Which processing or treatment is necessary to convert the waste streams into valuable resources for replacing peat, coir and mineral wool? Do these building blocks truly contribute to effective new growing media blends for strawberry and tomato plants, with reduced fertilizer and chemical crop protection product use?

These questions are addressed in the four webinars. The first three took place last Spring and the series will be completed with a fourth webinar on the bulk replacement of peat, coir and mineral wool in growing media with biochar, compost, wood and plant fibers.

Horti-BlueC webinar 4 is planned for November 9th 14:00-15:30 CET (13:00-14:30 GMT).

This webinar is free and open to all interested parties.

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Pros and cons of new Horti-BlueC growing media blends (Jeroen De Zaeytijd, Agaris)
Microbial activity in growing media and interaction with nitrogen (Bart Vandecasteele, ILVO)
The microbiome of growing media and its added value (Jane Debode, ILVO)
Experiences with Horti-BlueC growing media blends (ADAS, Proefcentrum Hoogstraten)
LCA of new Horti-BlueC growing media blends with biochar (Rian Visser, ECN>TNO)
Panel discussion and Q&A (Chair: Peter Melis, Proefcentrum Hoogstraten)
Wrap up: showcase website/tools and final announcements