New innovative growing media blends for tomato and strawberry

The building blocks developed by the Horti-BlueC project are currently tested in innovative formulations of growing media in the greenhouse. The full-scale trials are ongoing with peat-reduced blends for strawberry (i.e., 40% replacement of peat), and renewable blends for tomato (i.e., 100% replacement of peat, mineral wool, or coir), also containing biochar or chitin, to test (a) effects of bulk replacement on the crop management and (b) effects of biochar or chitin on reduction of fertilizers and chemical crop protection products. The potential advantages of replacing peat, coir and mineral wool with local and sustainable amendments is considered, including assessing plant growth and yields, plant health, savings of nutrients and chemical crop protection, optimized use of biocontrol organisms, and fruit and growing media shelf life.

DSC08093 DSC08093bin Hoogstraten tomaat begin juni 2019 2a DSC08202 DSC08022 Hoogstraten tomaat begin juni 2019 2 Horti Blue C strawberries ready for picking 2019 ILVO greenhouse aardbei vierkant
Pictures from tomato and strawberry trials