Conference NIAB EMR Soft Fruit Day

NIAB technical day

Join NIAB EMR for this year's annual Soft Fruit Day!

The day will begin with the latest research projects on spotted wing drosophila. Presentations will continue with research into capsids, thrips, midges and aphids in strawberry and raspberry crops.

The afternoon session will cover research into fungal diseases and conclude with the latest results on biostimulants, coir recycling, and year-round production of strawberry. The day will finish with the latest promising strawberry selections from the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club.


10:30 CET Welcome

10:40 CET Session 1: Advances in Spotted Wing Drosphila Control

12:10 CET Session 2: New Developments in IPM Strategies

14:20 CET Session 3: Disease Control and the Future of Soft Fruit Production

16:00 CET Close

More detailed information on the NIAB EMR website!

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